Public Advocacy

The goal of advocacy is to make the public aware and excited about the the possibility of increased healthy human lifespan, and entice action to support the cause. has been leading the way with a variety of massive-scale public outreach initiatives.

Why Public Advocacy?

Healthy longevity is an essential public good. As with other public goods like research, roads, and clean air, the public as a body has an important role to play in advocating for its achievement. leads the movement to make this issue the priortity it needs to be, because nothing will impact the public more at an emotional, spiritual, and socio-economic level than the defeat of age-related diseases.

As such creates compelling content to emotionally engage the public, thousands of educational news articles, philosophical arguments to convince the world that reversing age-related damage is ethical, and supports the birth of new organizations such as the A4LI which can achieve policy change at the national and international levels.

Social Media Engagement partners with social media stars such as the YouTube chanel Kurzgesagt to produce content with the power to positively influence millions of people. The Kurzgesagt series on aging, which helped script, has reached ~16 million people and has become the most far-reaching social media initiative supporting life extension ever produced. We also collaorate with video news outlets on all sides of the political spectrun, such as Fox News and The Young Turks, to educate the public on the personal and societal benefits of increased healthy human lifespan.

Life Noggin and Brands

Beyond just collaborating with social media stars, has worked hard to become social media stars ourselves, with our educational YouTube channel Life Noggin reaching over 3.25 million subscribers, and over half a billion views. We are also growing a variety of other shows to educate and emotionally engage the public, such as Lifespan News and Science to Save the World, as well as directly funding high-production quality media and even a feature-length adaption of Tim Maupin's award-winning short film "The Last Generation to Die". We are only just getting started! News Outlet runs the most-trafficked news outlet in the world focused on longevity research, to inform, engage, and excite the public regarding this important work. We have produced thousands of pieces of news content, and have introduced millions of people to the subject.