Web3 Efforts

Lifespan.io is a leader in innovating blockchain technologies that raise both awareness and funding for longevity research. Find out more below!

Metaverse Game to Fight Aging

Lifespan.io is creating a massive-scale blockchain game which has the power to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for aging research, inspired by Nick Bostrom's fable of the Dragon Tyrant and leveraging the most successful elements of gaming throughout history - from the Atari 2600 to the play-to-earn games of today. Lifespan.io President Keith Comito has created similar games in the past, and is actively working with some of the largest blockchain gaming companies in the world to implement the finished game concept.

Planned NFT Types and Features


Characters which serve as the player's agents in  their quest to overcome an ancient and terrible enemy of humanity.


Manifest representations of the collective unconscious, which can modify the user's play experience accordingly.

Eternal Items

Powerful items that are immune to the decay inflicted by time, and which can greatly enhance the player's chances of survival in the labyrinth.


Land which can be populated with facilities, allies, and areas where NFT characters can interact with each other in their shared quest.

Interactive Metaverse

Lifespan.io web3 efforts are inspired by incredibly interactive, realistic, and boundary-pushing features, such as:
  • Commitment-based NFT characters that change with time and interaction
  • Promoting of healthy lifestyles via NFT incentivization mechanics
  • New method of generative art: Coherent Random Generation
  • Usage of AI technology, like NLP, to generate inter-NFT interactions
  • Ability to interact with other NFTs, like Cryonauts (TomorrowBio's NFTs), and Bored Apes

Decentralized Clinical Trials

We have invented a technology-based potential therapy for dementia, and are launching a first in-kind decentralized clinical trial to test it - supported by allies and DAOs such as VitaDAO and CureDAO. The demonstration of a decentralized clinical trial which yields any positive result would be an earthquake to the existing clinical trials system, catalyzing a much-needed transformation towards properly leveraging modern technology.

Ouroboros Perpetual Funding

We are pioneering new forms of perputual funding to support projects by using Infinite Grants. Represented on the blockchain by an Ouroboros, an infinite grant is a one that reinvests the principal + inflation adjustment every year, and only donates excess returns to longevity projects. This forthcoming fund will exist indefinitely and help fund projects for decades and centuries. This model is most justified by a long-term cause such as extending healthy human lifespan.

Inverse Quadradic Funding

Lifespan.io is working on new on-chain models of matched crowdfunding - specifically designed to engage millions of people in funding critical longevity projects which require a large amount of resources, such as the TAME metformin trial. This model was initially brainstormed by Lifespan.io president Keith Comito as a variation of the Quadratic Funding models put forth by Vitalik Buterin, and is being developed with the support of allies at Gitcoin.