Lifespan Legends: the first NFT funding
All funds go to raising longevity research awareness, creating dementia therapies, and launching decentralized clinical trials for the diseases of aging. 

Mint an innovative Lifespan Legends NFT to support and help these important goals!

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What are Lifespan Legends?

All throughout history, mythology, and literature, many have quested to overcome disease and death. The Lifespan Legends is their story, and you can be part of it.

The Lifespan Legends are an official innovative NFT series by, which raises awareness for longevity research through massive-scale PR initiatives, creates digital therapies to defeat dementia, and pioneers decentralized clinical trials to overcome the diseases of aging. 

Mint a Lifespan Legend to fund, and the life you save may one day be your own!

Innovations, Airdrops, and Perks

Lifespan Legends will feature several innovative mechanics, such as setting a new standard of generative art which allows for both randomness and thematic coherence, and parameters which change based on time and user commitment level. is also considering a large number of potential community perks for Lifespan Legends owners including:
  • Airdrops of ERC-20s
  • Story-based Interaction between NFTs
  • Biomarker diagnostic and digital therapy prototype devices
  • Appear on Life Noggin YouTube channel (over 3m subscribers)
  • Cameo apearence in feature-length film
  • Discord tags and discounts to conferences
  • Inside access to events
  • NFT Interaction w/ massive-scale metaversal game

About is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City, and consists of an international team of journalists, scientists, content creators, and other industry experts. Their goal is to promote anti-aging research and healthy human longevity through the development of medical technologies that target the aging processes directly. To achieve this goal, they publish daily news stories, educational articles, and host conferences and events to bring researchers and the public together each year. They also launch aging research crowdfunding campaigns and engage with policymakers and the general public.

NFT Community Development

Innovative NFT Mechanisms

The Lifespan Legends NFT will employ several innovative mechanisms that provide real utility and aid in the fight against aging.

Follow-up AMAs will return to do follow-up interviews and AMAs with the NFT community.

Popularity Boost

The NFTs will receive continued support from the community, including marketing exposure.

Questions and Requests will take questions on progress and requests preferentially from NFT owners.

NFT Rarity

NFTs come in different rarities. Owners get perks as described below. One NFT owner will have the right to a full-body cryo-preservation! See our gitbook for more details.


  • Invitation to annual AMA (in person & digital)
  • Access to research reports and updates
  • Qualify for future NFTs / Airdrops


  • All perks of common NFTs
  • Invitation to Annual Biostasis Conference (live or streamed)
  • 500 Available


  • All perks of rare NFTs
  • Invitation to VIP & Speakers Dinner at the Annual Biostasis Conference
  • 20 Available


  • All perks of epic NFTs
  • Full-body cryopreservation with long-term care in a high-security facility in Switzerland. Terms apply
  • Just 1 Available!

Meet the Team

Blockchain and Life Extension United

Ever since the birth of blockchain technology, there has been an indelible connection between it and the desire for life extension — all the way back to the early cypherpunks and cryptocurrency founders such as Hal Finney, forward to the pioneers of the present such as Vitalik Buterin. You can be part of this grand tradition of transcending boundaries - be they financial or biological - in the service of all humankind. Every second someone dies of age-related disease. This means if your support moves the timetable of curing these diseases up by even one second, you will have saved someone's life.