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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more about Lifespan Legends?

You can go to the official Lifespan Legends page here.

You should also join our discord here.

Are Lifespan Legends officially approved by

Yes, absolutely.

For their official Twitter handle endorsement of this page see here.

Therefore, the NFT and web3 code above are safe and you're on an official site.

Are you giving away tons of whitelist spots?

Not at all!

Whitelist spots are reserved for our most dedicated and original members. We have 10,000 NFTs available for mint at full price, and currently only 900 of them are reserved for whitelist.

So this is truly a rare opportunity to be in first. Vote above before all the spots are claimed.

What is the value of a whitelist spot?

Our whitelist gives you two items.

  • First, you are able to mint at a 50% discount.
  • Second, whitelist minters are able to mint hours earlier than the public mint. This means you don't need to pay mint-congestion gas fees.

What's this 50% discount offer you have?

The 50% discount offer is our way of expressing appreciation at you contributing to the Lifespan Legends community by voting on chain for the features you'd like to see in Lifespan Legends.

By being one of the first 100 voters, you get on our whitelist (see below) which guarantees the 50% discount.

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