10,000 unique NFTs
Proceeds go to pioneering research in the field of cryonics
One free body freezing!
Crypto meets science

Why Cryonauts?

The Cryonauts project is a collaboration between LongevityDAO and Tomorrow Bio. Tomorrow Bio provides whole-body cryopreservation for people who want the chance to see the future and extend their life past what is currently possible.

The Cryonauts are waiting in their cryogenic dewars for when they will be awoken in the future. All proceeds of this NFT project will go towards Tomorrow Bio's research projects to improve quality of cryopreservation procedures.

One lucky NFT holder will win a free cryopreservation with a market value of approximately €200.000.



Rarity Perks


  • Access to gated Discord channels
  • Research reports and updates


  • Everything in Common, plus:
  • Free ticket to an annual Biostasis conference in Switzerland (live streamed or in person)


  • Everything in Rare, plus:
  • Invitation to VIP & Speakers Dinner at the Annual Biostasis Conference


  • Everything in Epic, plus:
  • Free full-body cryopreservation worth €200.000

Free Cryopreservation for Legendary NFT Owner

1 of the NFTs has a legendary status which means its owner has the right to one free cryopreservation with Tomorrow Bio. This cryopreservation is worth €200.000 and includes:

• Worldwide standby coverage (a medical team traveling to perform the procedure at your location)
• Full body cryopreservation
• Indefinite long-term storage at the European Biostasis Foundation in Switzerland.
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how it works

The Cryopreservation Process

As soon as you are legally declared dead, one of Tomorrow's standby teams of medical professionals can begin with the cooling process. When you die your cells stop receiving oxygen, which causes them to die or even “self-recycle”. However, in lower temperatures cells require less oxygen to survive as your metabolism is running slower. This is why rapid cooling is so important, as it drastically slows down the degradation of your body at a cellular level. The next step for the medical team involves replacing the blood in the body with specialized cryoprotectant solutions. Additionally, a perfusion circuit (similar to a heart-lung machine) is used to keep the body in a stable condition with minimal degradation and to further cool down the body. No electricity is needed.
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Is Cryonauts going to receive long term support?

Cryonauts is the official NFT of TomorrowBio GmbH, an on-the-ground biostasis company based in Germany and Switzerland with a valuation of millions of Euros. TomorrowBio aims to operate a long-run cryostasis company that will perserve humans for not just years, but decades and centuries. Few NFTs are associated with companies with such long-term fundamental requirements, so this is a unique feature of the Cryonauts NFT collection.

What will you be doing before and after the mint?

We have a lot planned right before and after the mint. We will be ramping our marketing to fever pitch, and will be hosting another AMA with Emil, President of LongevityDAO. (Find our first AMA here). We'll have a limited mint period, followed by perk distribution. In any case, we'll have lots of NFT support planned -- find our full roadmap here.

What is the mint price for one Cryonaut?

The Cryonaut mint price is set at 0.1 ETH and there is a maximum of 10,000 cryonauts total. There is no other limit to how many Cryonauts an account can mint -- you can always reload the page and mint again.

How can I check to see whether the Legendary free cryopreservation has already been redeemed?

The legendary NFT does indeed come with one free cryopreservation! This means that whoever owns the Legendary NFT on the blockchain can assign its cryopreservation rights to one natural person within the TomorrowBio service, and get cryopreservation for free, equivalent to service to a fully-paid member of TomorrowBio. The free cryopreservation perk can only be redeemed once. If you are interested in buying the Legendary Cryonaut for the perk, you should first verify that the perk has not been redeemed. You can verify onchain using the legendaryStatus field of the Cryonauts NFT master smart contract.  Be sure it reads "Verified Still Valid (Unused)" or similar.

What blockchain will Cryonauts be on?

We will be on the same blockchain as the vast majority of NFTs by market cap: the Ethereum mainnet.  Advantages include high liquidity, strong history, and safety through using proven and longstanding libraries.

If other blockchains with a proven track record of NFTs (e.g. Solana, Polygon Matic) offer backwards compatible bridges to Ethereum, we plan on implementing those bridges.

What type of research projects will be supported from the NFT sale proceeds?

Tomorrow Bio is focused on improving the quality of cryoprotection, which is the most important part of the cryopreservation procedure. This includes studying how procedures should be adjusted under varying amounts of ischemia. You can checkout Tomorrow's Research Roadmap here.

What is the annual Biostasis conference? (one of the perks)

The annual Biostasis conference is hosted by Tomorrow Bio and the European Biostasis Foundation in Switzerland (plus a livestream). The conferences bring experts in the fields of cryobiology, biostasis, and longevity together with the cryonics community. This is a great opportunity to network and learn about the newest science. The third Biostasis conference will take place this year from October 21-23. Learn more here.

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