NFTs Funding Real Science

One special feature of these NFTs is that they are attached to a real long-term company, Tomorrow Bio, so you know you'll get long-term support and attention! In addition, these NFTs are not being minted to enrich the founders -- rather they are going towards a real organization, that has pledged the majority of the funds to R&D.
Crypto meets science

Are You One of Us?

Many people unconsciously assume that normal = good. 100 years ago the average life expectancy in Europe was just over 50. If someone had died at 50 then it would have been considered a normal and acceptable thing. Today if someone died at 50, all of their loved ones would agree that it was a tragedy and that they died too soon. In the same way, just because it's "normal" to die at 80 today doesn't make it right or good. If you understand the power of science and technology and that normal doesn't mean good, then you're one of us! Join a community of forward thinking optimists who don't take the "normal" path.
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Critical Mass Community

We'll continue community building with an exponential sprial upwards.

Discord Launch Party

Once mint is upon us, expect to find an active launch party on the LongevityDAO Discord server, We'll see you there!

August 2022: Full Mint

When conditions are reasonable, full mint will start, and the mint has a time capped guaranteed.
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