A Story from the Metaverse...

It is the year 2022. Theobold has always been interested in longevity and due to his personal and professional interests, he came across an interesting NFT project. This project was supporting the research of Biostasis, promising to fund the cryopreservation of whoever is the holder of the legendary piece of this NFT project. Theobold heard briefly about human cryopreservation before, but he always thought this was a sci-fi thing and not something you could actually do. He became very interested in the topic and decided to support the research of biostasis by purchasing an unassigned NFT from this project. He barely knew this was his lucky day. On the day of launch, he realized that he bought the Legendary Cryonaut, the only piece that was offering a lifetime human cryopreservation contract. Thebold didn't believe how lucky he was. He decided not to sell his NFT and signed up for Cryopreservation.

It is the year 2087 and Theobold reached 96 years old in good health. He had lived a good life, had a happy family, and couldn't see himself not enjoying life a bit longer. Unfortunately, the anti-aging technology didn't advance enough to reverse his age, but thanks to contributions like the one he did so many decades ago, the Biostasis technology did advance enough. It was possible now to be put in Biostasis while still alive, using one of the ultra-modern special Biodewars. He decided that it was time to use his NFT contract and put himself into Biostasis, becoming a Cryonaut. He goes to the metaverse, activates his contract, and visits an ultra-modern laboratory in Switzerland where scientists help him to get inside the Biodewar. He says his "farewell and see you soon" to his family and is put to sleep by the machines, which pauses completely all metabolic processes of his cell in a safe, non-toxic way.

It is the year 2172. Humankind has finally reached beyond the solar system and into interstellar space. Due to the long travels, being a Cryonaut becomes the norm. The technology has advanced enough to reverse or prevent aging seamlessly. Scientists are now confident to reanimate old Cryonauts that have been put in Biostasis with obsolete technology, several decades ago. The Cryonaut Theobold has finally awakened from his very long sleep into a new world. He was amazed that he was met by his children and grandchildren, awaken before him, due to a more modern technology used in their time. But the most impressive thing was to be awakened in a younger body. Medical technology has advanced enough to reverse age for a very long period of time, drastically extending the lifespan of humankind.